Photos - The 60s

The 60s heralded the introduction of the Honda 305s.  These are the bikes the baby boomers cut their teeth on.  Relive your youth - or for those younger folks, learn about some really great motorcycles.  Remember, Classic Honda Restoration is your source for restoring these classics and keeping them up and running in tip-top shape!


One of our bikes at the 2005 Baltimore Cycle Show, in the VJMC booth . . . you have to have some fun mixed in with business!

Here's a 1964 CL72 with custom yellow Ferrari paint scheme .  I should mention that this was the last restoration completed at my home!  On board is my wife Lisa, now "Chief Financial Officer" of Classic Honda Restoration!

 Not all beautiful bikes have to be Honda's!  In the 60's, before there were CB450's, the Triumph 650 Bonneville was the bike of choice.





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